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Simon Jenkins on Shared Space

Traffic lights force drivers to watch and obey robots rather than other road users – an obedience not enforced to the same degree on pedestrians, skateboarders or cyclists. One result is that zebra crossings are dangerous because drivers are no longer used to eye contact with other road users. Technology makes them drive like zombies.

Traffic lights, like one-way systems, are also hopelessly inefficient allocators of road space. Even in London’s busiest streets, half the tarmac is vacant, waiting for a light to release vehicles on to it. Many British streets are so empty they might as well have shops and houses built over them. We build over countryside but treat roads as sacred.


Shoreditch one way system, traffic engineers

Interested to read about the “Look Both Ways” campaign which in the early part of this decade campaigned to get rid of the 1960s Shoreditch one way system. Reading about it is fascinating as without knowing about the campaign the current traffic flow in Shoreditch seems bad enough (there seems to be so much which could be done – Rivington Street and cyclists, Curtain Road etc.) but it must have been really bad.

Stoke Newington Scrap One Way System Campaign.

How does the decision making system for road construction work?

Why is Curtain road still one way?