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Which bits of London get photographed most?


Exploring the boundaries of the Olympic site

Simon Jenkins on Shared Space

Traffic lights force drivers to watch and obey robots rather than other road users – an obedience not enforced to the same degree on pedestrians, skateboarders or cyclists. One result is that zebra crossings are dangerous because drivers are no longer used to eye contact with other road users. Technology makes them drive like zombies.

Traffic lights, like one-way systems, are also hopelessly inefficient allocators of road space. Even in London’s busiest streets, half the tarmac is vacant, waiting for a light to release vehicles on to it. Many British streets are so empty they might as well have shops and houses built over them. We build over countryside but treat roads as sacred.

Kapoor’s Olympic statue

Reminds me initially of the Arcologies from Sim City.

Related link from that page is Edaw’s animated vision of the Olympics site in 2040…. would be interesting to see some alternatives?

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Really like the representations of London in this film….

Londonist on Maps

Finding the centre of London project which reminds me of something seen on Flickr, finding the centre of Hackney perhaps?

This reminds me of my Masters mapping Ackroyd project but on Sherlock Holmes.

Interesting mapping tools to check out –

Londonist’s whole map archive looks worthwhile –