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London replanned

Nad’s London Replanned from Flickr (seen in the Illustrated Maps group) reminds me of the Geometric London on Strange Maps.


Maps post

London in hand drawn maps

Why a map isĀ  window on history

A life in maps blog

Hand drawn maps

I’ve always loved the Strange Maps blog, and I was excited to see that the British Library are hosting an exhibition of Magnificent Maps soon.

The other day I came across this Hand drawn cartography group on Flickr which looks amazing, kinda related is this annotated maps group. Reminded me of UrbanTick’s mental map project. All this was sparked by Londonist’s hand drawn maps.

Magnificent Maps at the British Library

Super excited by this exhibition at the BL opening in April.


It will also include the first display of the world’s largest book.

London: A life in maps

Interesting archive from the British Library.