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Radio 4: London Street Criers

Heard this program looking at oral history in London based around various trades modern and re-enacted.

How does vocalising something such as a trade help define a space?


Gargoyles and Shadows: Gothic Architecture and 19th Century Photography

Annoyed I missed this at the V&A…

Star forts


Star forts
are amazing me today, built as a response to cannon and gun powder in fifteenth century Italty.This led to the rolling out of star shaped defences for whole cities (see Leonardo),

Florence was an early model of the new urban planning, which rearranged itself into a star-shaped layout adapted from the new star fort, designed to resist cannon fire. This model was widely imitated, reflecting the enormous cultural power of Florence in this age; “[t]he Renaissance was hypnotized by one city type which for a century and a half— from Filarete to Scamozzi— was impressed upon utopian schemes: this is the star-shaped city”.[7] Radial streets extend outward from a defined center of military, communal or spiritual power.


Somehow ended up reading this website about Canberra and its design competition of 1912.